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(as of january 5th, 2022)

.~~ plastic veggies is a webcomic that hasnt even been made yet. this site was a way for me to try to inspire myself to start it but other than drawing the characters a lot, a 4koma thumbnail is all that ive been able to shit out these last 9 months. i feel super bad that its almost been a year since i started this site up and i havent even done any oc related stuff. oh well. in the navi bar there are some unfinished character pages, but they may finally become proper chara intros...

.~~ a rundown of the setting:

.~~ kieran (black haired boy) is the main character. he has a problem where most of the people around them have their heads replaced with vegetables, though he's the only one who sees it. it's kind of a metaphor for not being able to see people for how they are, and placing your own opinions on someone based on certain stereotypes. theres kind of a caste system with it, the people he is biased towards being vegetables he likes the most, and vice versa being people he dislikes are veggies he hates. sometimes random strangers dont have vegetables on their heads, since some people do live up to stereotypes or are easy to read. even so kieran doesnt really interact with them. the people he hangs around the most don't have vegetables on their heads. being a shut in, its only his parents, jophiel, and urano who he can see for who they are. jophiel ended up being the last he could see, and staying with him was a tough choice yet he still made it. for a while, he couldnt see jophiel's face at all.

,~~ plastic veggies will be a slice of life/comedy webcomic, but later on it will take a sharp turn into dark themes, so while you wait with me, be cautious.


.~~ the characters are all representations of parts of me, jophiel being the one i project on to the most. honestly one of the reasons i havent started the comic yet is because im a little afraid of what would happen if it got semi-popular. the characters age with me so technically they are all minors right now, aged 17, so im kind of worried about some creep drawing them in a sexual way. for some reason, i feel like theres a massive difference between if i did it and if some stranger did it. i know all my boundaries but if i was sent fanart of urano with her dick out you know like i would be kind of creeped out since its super uncalled for and didnt come from my hands. idk. wow okay rant over. tldr i guess is please dont make weird stuff with the characters.

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