the lamp that stared me back was brighter than any day
type: cd
genre(s): indie pop, electronic
personal rating: 7/10

2021 remaster was all that was available, so on a cd player i gave it the rating i did. i prefer the sound from a cd player. unfortunately, i dont own the original 2009 version so i cant make a comparison. i'm a huge fan of sweet trip and this album, and like most people, i was introduced to them by VDC. compared to VDC i would have to say this album is inferior but its still super awesome. definitely not a perfect album, since there are a few songs that i skip over. another unpopular opinion is that 'acting' is probably my favorite from the album, 'milk' being a close second, but i havent listened to the rest enough to properly appreciate them. overall this is an album that any indie fan should listen to, cause its super enjoyable, especially in a car ride (well more like a small road trip).

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