ITS 2023...

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(july 6 2023, 3:01pm) jeez long time no see many things have happened since my last entry, but i guess the two main things are that ive graduated high school and.... the biggest of them all... i finally got my top surgery procedure done! i had it done yesterday and im already feeling okay enough to be on my computer again. im so unbelievably happy about this. ive been wanting this for 8 years pretty much and the wait was definitely worth it. im still kinda drowzy on the drugs but i just thought i would share this achievement. to everyone thats stuck with me this long; thank you, and i really truly do love you all!

(apr 1 2023, 1:54pm) hellooo every body. it is april fools today. i dont know a joke thatll fool you.... i will actually do something with this website!!! gotchu lols. well i guess sooner or later i will get some free time to draw for fun. but i've been working on other things that arent plasticveggies.... ive been drawing a lot as well but not posting it!like i should update the art section here. i might just do an imgur compilation because the time between now and the last time i posted is very large. i check my guestbook every day so feel free to put something in there! i love getting messages :] so dont feel afraid to even message me directly

(feb 6 2023, 8:09am) its the new year woohoo. many things happened within the last 2 weeks. last friday of january got my top surgery consultation which was very exciting but also very awkward because i had to be shirtless in front of the guy. but it was doable and theyre guessing i can get the surgery in july yaay! last week though i had been sick with covid and also my computer shit itself and i need a new hard drive so thats lame. but yesterday i got two pieces of good news so that makees up for it all! i got employee of the month and aa $50 bonus, but also in the middle of my my acceptance email for my dream college!!! so my academic future is secured. knowing this is making me a little more motivated to do schoolwork, which is good cause im sooo far behind ;-;... i get to move back to my hometown for college, and one of my high school friends is gonna come with me, so hopefully we can share a dorm. i hope i can use this opportunity to give myself a better life